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Feature Article
Soap Opera Weekly
March 27, 2001

Paul Leyden

Vital Statistics:

Full Name: Paul Augustine Leyden
Birthday & Sign: December 16, Sagittarius
Birthplace: Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
Nickname: Schlyder
Education: Bachelor of Economics from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia; Bachelor of Dramatic Arts from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts Sydney
Marital Status: Single
Heritage: Dutch, Irish, German


Dream lover: Cameron Diaz in "There's Something About Mary"
Someone's diary you'd love to read: Anne Frank
A monument/landmark you'd like to have a view of from your bedroom: Sydney Harbor
Craziest thing you've done for love: I wouldn't call anything done for love crazy.
If you were a cocktail, you'd be: Stirred, not shaken
Sum up your current love life in one word: Seed
Who, in your eyes, is a perfect 10?: Is it incestuous to say my mother?
Are you a lover or a fighter?: A lover who doesn't mind a fight if the other person wears gloves
Actress on your show you would like to share a love scene with: Kathleen Widdoes (Emma) or Liz Hubbard (Lucinda)
Candy bar that best describes your love life: Nestle's Crunch
Boxers, briefs or none of the above?: Boxer briefs
Your first celebrity crush/pinup: Samantha Fox -- raging teen-age hormones.
Favorite song/music to get you into a romantic mood: Anything by Sade
Favorite aphrodisiac: A garlic and onion sandwich laced with Viagra. It rocks the ladies' world.
Your erogenous zone: One guess....I'm a guy. What do you think?
Your best pickup line: "You were in my dream last night...but you're actually thinner in real life."
The worst pickup line you've ever heard: "You were in my dream last night...have you put on some weight?"
Scent that drives you wild: Angel, by Thierry Mugler
Workout regime before love scenes/photo shoots: If you've even seen Boogie Nights, the same as what Dirk Diggler does
Growing up, were you a freak, geek or pretty boy?: I think I was all three at some point, and still am.
First person other than family to tell you that your are handsome: My biology teacher...I don't think he's allowed to teach anymore.

Behind the Scenes: NYC

At the New York Perfect 10 photo shoot, Josh Duhamel and Paul Leyden didn't need much work, according to makeup artist Bruce Wayne, "Having two great-looking guys with tans right now makes it very easy, to tell you the truth," he quipped. "On both of them I used Makeup Forever, liquid body and face makeup. "The thing I like about it -- especially for guys -- is that it's very transparent; it goes on like a second skin and it's also waterproof, so it doesn't come off. It's very natural. I wouldn't use it on a woman's face because I don't feel like it gives enough coverage, but it's great for a guy. And other that, I used Versace bronzing powder."

Paul and Josh have different hair lengths, so Bruce Fisher called upon "a little KMS paste to kind of mess it up. Either kind of spiky and short like Paul's, or like with Josh, kinda down and still tousled and messy, but very piecey, so you need some kind of pomade or wax.

"I love KMS paste, and there is another one called Mop (Modern Organic Products) Head," he adds. "I love this stuff. They have a whole line of things, but their pomade is good because it's really good to piece things out. You can get it at hair supply stores. Expensive, but worth it."

Fashion stylist Cannon revealed that he "wanted something sexy and cool, so I got simple colors...lots of button-down (shirts)...some suedes, leather" by designers such as Lucky Rodriguez, Hugo Boss, and Calvin Klein.

Survival Of The Hottest
How Our Perfect 10 Stay In Style

This week's Soap Opera Weekly covers not only Survivor: The Australian Outback but also our picks for daytime's Perfect 10. Hence, our problem: How could we utilize this week's Soap Opera Style to complement both fabulous features?

The answer became clear after the Perfect 10 feature was amassed. Our subjects have all survived by striking a balance between being gorgeous and talented.

They may not be Outbacked-bound, but this buff 'n' beautiful bunch share their own survival tips. And take it from us -- New York City and Los Angeles can be just as dangerous as the Australian wilderness!

Also, we've asked some of your favorite actors what their luxury item would be if they were Survivors.

Paul Leyden (Simon, ATWT)

FAVORITE COLOGNE: Egoiste for Men Platinum, by Chanel
IF I COULD HAVE ONLY ONE LUXURY ITEM.... I can live without all of them.
BUT SINCE I CAN HAVE MORE... I use a men's moisturizer, which is Australian, called Jurlique. I have to send home for it.
MY PERSONAL STYLE IS... Laid-back, comfortable, relaxed.

A Leyden Family Portrait: sister Simone, Paul, mom Roslyn, dad John, brothers Mike and John (holding Zak) and sister Kate.