As The World Turns
Simon Frasier

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As The World Turns


Nicknames called: Simple Simon, Dingo Boy, Koala Boy (any one being derogatory)
Date of birth: February 1, 1973
Address: c/o Craig Montgomery, Lakeview Towers, 1440 Lakeview Road, Penthouse 4, Oakdale, IL 60324
In Australia: Frasier Station, 1799 Fitzroy Road, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2651 Australia
Telephone number: 555-2878
Parents - Father: Roger Frasier
Siblings: Celia Frasier (drowned trying to escape island with the Rose of Sharon diamond)
Married to:
Katie Peretti (12/13/00)
Conchetta Maria Concepcion
Relationships with: Was engaged 7 times (including to Nedira before her father, the sheik, objected)
Affairs with: Lily Snyder
Legal troubles:
Arrested for grand theft auto for extradition to Canada (Lily got charges dropped)
Arrested for driving car through Lucinda Walsh's home
Deported in absentia by the INS (evaded actual deportation via marriage to Katie)
School Attended/Attending: Charles Sturt University (Wagga, Wagga, NSW, Australia).....Prince Albert Academy for Boys
      Current: Craig Montgomery's lackey
      Former: Mechanic, Burt's Garage Construction worker in Sudan
                  Oil rig worker in North Atlantic
                  Fire fighter in New Zealand
                  NASCAR driver

Miscellaneous notes/Most recent story notes:

While supposedly visiting the Chicago area, Simon drove by the Snyder Pond. While there, he "lost" letters from approx. 1900 which his great-grandfather had written to his true love, addressed therein only as "Dearest Beloved." Upon Lily's returning them to Simon, he offered to both renovate a room into a playroom for the kids, as well as draw a portrait of Lily for Holden. However, Simon already had a photo of a woman from approx. 1900, who looks eerily like Lily. He was anxious to retrieve the diamond necklace pictured in that portrait, and thought Lily may have it.

Lily found the picture of Beloved and realized there was something she wasn't being told. Via the internet, Lily tracked down an Atlantic City showgirl, Rose D'Angelo - her doppelganger. Simon followed Lily there, eventually meeting Rose and finally finding the diamond.

Simon had been followed by someone (his sister, Celia) who finally turned deadly when she shot at Simon, Lily, and Rose in Atlantic City, while in pursuit of the diamond.

In the aftermath of the Atlantic City shooting, Simon could only get to Lily. In their travails, while he helped her through injuries and illnesses, they got trapped in a boxcar which eventually got uncoupled in Canada, and ultimately were dropped by Celia on a deserted island where Simon admitted he loved Lily and almost made love to her. Finally rescued from the island, Simon hoped to win Lily away from Holden. After vacillating, and even marrying Katie at Lily's behest to avoid his being deported, Lily dumped Simon. In his despair, he drunkenly crashed his car through Lucinda's foyer and threatened to bring her down. Only with Katie's last-minute help was Simon able to avoid jail time or deportation.

Simon's brother-in-law, Craig Montgomery, hired Simon for a couple of jobs with the promise of a hefty paycheck. While waiting for Craig to pay up, Simon, caring for Katie more than he would admit to himself, went to rescue her once he learned that she had gone to the island to reclaim his diamond from the bottom of the ocean. Once back in Oakdale, he embarked on another mission: he flew to Malta to help Lily locate Holden and their son, who were presumed dead. Most frustratingly, Katie followed him.