Reasons to Consider Skylight Shades this Summer

Summer is already here. This means that homeowners throughout the globe are appreciating the beautiful weather. Most of them are opening up their houses for the invigorating summer breeze. Though a lot of homeowners are already well-prepared for the hot summer months, not every local house is armed to stay cool during summer.  

While skylights are energy-efficient, there will be a time of the year where they can direct too much heat inside your house. This is particularly true during the summer season. This is where skylight shades come in.  

Today, we’re going to share with you several reasons why you should consider skylight shades this summer.  

Complete Your Home Décor and Impress Visitors 

Summer is perhaps the most popular season for homeowners to entertain guests. Between graduations, pool parties, BBQs, and other get-togethers, you will perhaps see more visitors in the summer compared to other seasons.  

If you’ve got a new set of decorative skylight shades that complement your home’s décor, your visitors will be more impressed with your house than ever before.  


One of the biggest benefits of skylight shades is that they are motorized. Skylight shades are usually battery-operated. Thus, you can enjoy the extra convenience of automatic shades this summer. Motorized shades are best for senior homeowners and those with skylights that are hard to reach.  

Lower Expenses for Your AC  

If you block UV rays from heating your house, a skylight shade can save you money on your cooling expenses. One of the most common reasons why people have increased cooling expenses in summer is because of the extreme heat coming from the sun.  

Keep in mind that skylights allow more sunlight to enter your house. If you install skylight shades, you can prevent UV rays from entering your home. Thus, you can save money on your AC bill every month.  

Extra Comfort for Your House 

Oftentimes, skylights are installed in the living spaces of the house. These are areas such as lounge areas, master bedrooms, family rooms, and more. During the winter season, skylights brighten these places. They can make it more welcoming.  

On the other hand, the UV rays of the sun can heat these areas in the summer to an uncomfortable level. Fortunately, skylight shades could block these UV rays. It can produce a pleasant area to relax.  

Alternatives to Skylight Shades 

After you check out the various types of skylight shades in the market, you still have to make some choices. You can install a skylight shade that does not reflect sunlight and combine it with another window treatment.  

One of the best alternatives to skylight shades is UV reflective films. You can use it together with skylight shades if you want to achieve optimal protection against UV rays. A professional will apply a window film to your skylight. When it comes to reflective UV films, you have various options to choose from. For example, you can choose sputtered window film, hybrid reflective film, and more. These films can help protect your home from harsh sunlight during summer.